I never thought a 5-Star meal would ever come out of my kitchen (sorry honey).

Chef Sydney Tshabalala prepared one of the best meals I have ever had in my life.  From the appetizers to desserts, my mouth was in a state of euphoria.

Chef Sydney prepared food that I said I would never eat so well that I look forward to eating his version, again. He cooks from the perfect balance of heart, knowledge and experience. 

Chef Sydney is passionate about his food.  He puts his heart and love in every dish… you can taste that he cares in every bite. His technique was flawless. When he explained the time and technique it took to prepare the duck confit, I was blown away.  (And to think that he prepared all this in my own kitchen.)

I highly recommend Chef Sydney Tshabalala for your catering needs. It does not matter if it is a small or large gathering, you will taste the quality, expertise and passion in every bite. 


 Defensive Coordinator - Hamilton Tiger-Cats, CFL


Sydney catered my event for 60 people at last minutes notice and he still had 7-8 different gourmet items prepared plus a meat & cheese board and desert on top of that.

The food was flowing the whole night and was amazing. He had prepared more than enough food but it was all finished by the end of the night because it was so delicious!

Everything was so wonderfully prepared and beautiful. And so reasonably priced! He even had talented and professional help come with him. It was such a relief to know that everything food wise was taken care of.

He is honestly one of the most humble, talented, reliable and honest chefs I have ever come across and I will make sure to use him for every occasion from here on!


Leading Vocalist


This man is a master chef who makes food taste good, look good and feel good! His duck, fish, salad, desserts are an experience of gastronomic delight!

One warning... you'll get addicted to that Tshabalala taste and other food will seem boring!


Birkman Consultant and Professor


Very rarely have I had the pleasure of being in the presence of a chef who takes such pride in his craft. Constantly evolving and reaching new heights in his culinary skills.

Behold the presentation, a visual delight to the eyes. The distinctive smell, it's like heaven to the olfactory receptors. Finally the taste, a sensory experience I can only describe as an explosion of different flavors and textures in your mouth!

Thus far I have experienced two events catered by Chef Sydney Tshabalala. With no hesitation, I would highly recommend him. Whether it be for an intimate dinner party or a big event like a wedding. Guaranteed your guests will speak of it for years to come.


Medical Consultant


 I have had Sydney cater for two events of mine. Food was delicious and people are still talking about his food. It's the best!


Music and Arts Director


He is on point with his cooking. And unique while at it. I highly recommend.


Passionate Vocalist


Fortunate to have met on board with this master chef for Princess Cruises preparing the finest dining experiences fantastic.


Registered Nurse


Thank you so much for your talents!! The food was so awesome and I can't wait for the next time. God has blessed you with a great gift, thank you so much.


Steel Caster 


Absolute perfection. From impeccable flavours through to artful plating, Syd has an attention for detail that is inspiring.

He is also very well versed in caring for special dietary needs, and as I have celiac disease this is something I so greatly appreciate.

His duck will always be my all time favourite and, no word of a lie, I dream about it - it was just so delicious!

Syd is an amazing person and a phenomenal chef; I can’t recommend him enough. He is the only person I will ever trust for all of my catering needs.


Professional Visual Artist


Gourmet food with precise attention to detail; a true chef with a passion for cooking and creating new fusion dishes (with his own unique spin).

He'll convert people into loving dishes they've previously hated (namely duck and salad bowls). Always excellent and fulfilling.


Design Coordinator


Sydney is a great guy with a great taste. I don’t think I have had better of anything Chef Sydney has made. I am not a foodie but he had always left me wanting more.

I think everyone needs a taste of chef Sydney. It's just such good food. He knows this stuff. If Sydney is cooking I am definitely eating.


Visionary Director


Oh so good this chef Sydney is a master of his trade. His dishes that I have tried have been the best food I have ever ate.